Tool Overview

Links to download are further down this page, but first see videos we have to find out what the tool does.

Designed for small businesses, but useful for any business, this is an analyses method that I have used a few times in the past when looking at Automatic Assignment of Emails.

There are lots of ways that emails can be assigned, it can be based on a code that you send out embedded in your email, but where you receive an email without having initiated the email trail, one method often used is based on Keywords and Phrases, this tool is to help with the testing of the logic and reducing the business impact of a poorly implemented solution whilst carrying out the required analyses to put the solution in place.

Key Benefits

This tool adds the following benefits to your business

  1. Ensure you do not lose sales leads and opportunities, protecting your turnover
  2. Protect your reputation by ensuring that you deal with emails in the appropriate way.
  3. Protect your FTE, as one of the goals of a project of this is to reduce manpower, this tool will show you if you do embark on email automation whether you can achieve that, or if in its current state your email automation will damage your business and increase effort required.

Essentially, if you undertake automatic assignment of emails in your business, you run the risk of impacting three of the most important things required to run a business, P&L, Overheads and Reputation.

I have used this method at a very large and high profile organisation to justify to them the impact that turning on this type of automation would have, and to demonstrate how much ongoing work is required to maintain this type of method. The tool worked well, as it demonstrated that if they turned it on it would be very ineffective in its current state, increase work and damage their reputation.

Using the tool

To use the tool, we do the following, but more information is available on the video below.

  1. Export Existing Emails, if you don’t have any existing emails, you should not be trying to automate anything based on Keywords and Phrases
  2. You can either use all emails, or take a subset of emails for say 1 month of data.
  3. You need to ensure that you have a varying split of emails that belong to different categories, in the tool at the same time e.g. Sales, Complaints, Feedback etc. (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, AND THE REASON I HAVE SEEN A LOT OF SIMILAR PROJECTS STRUGGLE WITH IMPLEMENTING AUTOMATIC ASSIGNMENT OF EMAILS)
  4. The tool by default analyses 2000 emails across up to 30 inboxes, this can be extended if required.
  5. The tool gives an overview of the impact of deploying Keyword automation with the current settings, so you don’t need to ‘try it out’ in a live environment to understand that it will not work.
  6. You will be able to amend, add and remove keywords and see immediately how that change would impact your business if you were to make the same change in a live environment.


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Spreadsheet Download Link (No Macros) – Language Analyses Tool v9 (7.5MB)

Instructions – Language Analyses Instructions (0.5MB)

FAQ and Known Issues

Q- Google Sheets – I can enter and edit in any cell, this breaks the tool.

A – This tool was designed for Excel, the password protection that prevents editing certain cells is removed when using this in Google Sheets. Please see the Instructions above (Video and Word Document) for using the tool.

Q – Google Sheets – How do I use this in Google Sheets?

A – Add the file to your Google Drive, open it, then at the top click “Open with Google Sheets”, this will create a new version in the folder.