The articles listed below offer some advice around purchasing for small businesses and upcoming changes to the industry that may impact you.

Why am I giving this away, why trust me?

Honestly, I’m not overly interested in consulting for small businesses in Telecommunications, 99% of small businesses I did consult for would be taken down a route of cheapest mistake viable, I would then spend half my time trying to explain from experience what WILL likely happen if you sign up for a long-term contract or try to start big which would be along the lines of the following

Best Case Scenario

1. You are locked into old technology

2. That technology can limit your business growth

3. The contract you signed up for can likely prevent investment for growth in communications without substantial loss

4. It is likely your business will adapt quite a bit over a short amount of time, from the way you operate to the number of individuals you employ.

Worst case

1. Parting with a lot of money to overcome these issues.

In short

I’m giving away free information for Residential Consumers and Small Businesses to help save them money, improve their services and grow their business, in the hopes it helps advertise my services for medium to large enterprises.

When those small businesses grow to medium, they may think of me.

There is no benefit in me telling you anything I don’t know to be true or at least that I don’t believe to be true.

So with that in mind, if you think my consulting in Telecoms can help your business, please get in touch using the Contact Us page, otherwise please see the articles below and they may help answer your queries or resolve your issues without any cost.