Collaboration and Hosting

At small business and new business level, VoIP unified communications doesn’t offer you a huge amount of benefit.

There are some benefits, but from having worked for, purchased, and supplied VoIP solutions, I can tell you that for what you will use you will find most of this on a different service you need anyway.

Website, collaboration and file sharing solution

Chances are I have a website, so I would get something like a WordPress package (whichever one suites my needs) and accompanied with Gsuite for 1-3 users or even up to 10 is still ok for the price for the 1st year (£40 per user per year), which will give me file share, user management, email hosting all on the same domain name as my website, set up in a couple of clicks.

I don’t need both, but certainly for a new business these are a very good starting point.

It offers single source data management and collaboration

Then chat services, asset management, groups, mailing lists, shared inboxes, shared calendars, storage, the ease of set up and availability of services for the price involved is difficult to argue with.

If you already have something, changing to this may not be viable, but certainly for a new business or a small business going through expansion or shifting services to cloud hosting, it is difficult to argue with the value for money.

Then dependent on your business, you will find other benefits, for example, if you create YouTube videos for marketing and advertising your own company, these are managed via the same admin dashboard you manage everything else from.

There are then a whole heap of other services available from call conferencing to video conferencing, often these are not included in VoIP unified communications so it does offer voice services above VoIP solutions.

You can configure hangouts on your work mobile phone, which then offers quite a lot of benefits that Unified Communications offer but for no additional cost.

Even if Unified Communications is right for your business, I would still start with something like this so you can get an idea of exactly what Unified Communications offers over and above the services you likely pay for anyway.

Now we are going to get into day 1 phone services, or as I like to call it, the fun times!

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