Privacy Policy

By choice we do not collect any personal or non-personal data about you in any automatic fashion.

Our privacy policy, while detailed, pretty much sums up to “If you put it on an email to us, we have it, otherwise we have nothing about you”.

However, due to a limitation with WordPress and the package we currently have, we are unable to turn off the built in Stats collector which is covered in the Non-Personal Data section below.


This website does not use cookies

However, as this is a WordPress site it does not mean that WordPress cookies are not found on your device.

You can check via the developer tool in chrome, using F12, then selecting “Application” along the top, followed by “Cookies” on the left and the website name to see if cookies are being placed by this website.


Personal Data

The only personal data that we collect is if you optionally provide this via the “Contact” page.

Contacting Us

Using the contact page will send us an email directly.

Our emails are hosted by Google.

This email is sent directly to an individual work inbox for the director of Thrace Enterprises.

The contact form will store a copy of the correspondence, along with your email address, in the WordPress database, this will be deleted as soon as the correspondence is picked up in the Gmail inbox.

The email requires the following personal information

  • Name
  • Email Address

Any other information provided is optional.

We would use this information to correspond with you only. No personal information is shared externally and internally this will remain on the Gmail inbox until the correspondence are deleted.

Data Sharing

No personal information is shared internally, outside of Gmail, or externally at all.

The email may be stored in the Inbox for a short period of time while we deal with any correspondence, after which the email will be stored in a sub folder of the email account for Indemnity and references purposes only. The emails we retain will always be stored on and within the Google accounts we use.

Non-Personal Data

Non-Personal Data is collected by default as part of the WordPress package and maintained on WordPress Servers, this will collate data on things like

  • How many views a page has received
  • Country of Origin
  • Search Terms used in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing

However, it is likely that those search terms are not available to the stats engine by default.

I can also tell you the other stats are not particularly accurate, so it captures “a country of origin”, not necessarily the one you are in.

You can read more about how it works on

We are working towards turning this off.

Data Sharing

We are not using the WordPress Statistics by choice and have no intention of using this data for anything.

A new approach to data security

The following is without prejudice message from the Director of Thrace Enterprises, this is additional information around our general approach and how you should handle emails, including the ones you send to us and receive from us.

If the big boys cannot keep your data safe, then we would be pretty naive to think we can. But we would be pretty lazy not to try and come up with a way that we could protect any data we hold for you.

While we make every effort to protect the little data we do hold, our approach is to make the data we hold about you in any single location so mundane, so pointless, so useless, that no one will benefit from accessing it and there is no benefit in using the data for anyone (Thrace Enterprises Included)

Our business model does not require us to collect substantial information from you directly other than a means of communication and identification (i.e. your Email address and your Given Name)


Do not click links contained within any email, including emails from us, it is not worth the risk.

Do not rely on information concerning safely using email services unless they specifically reference the Version of the email service and, where relevant, the version of the browser. If the information you received for email safety is generic, it may not apply to your set up.

The practicality of updating a browser for a business, more so where there are specific web applications, often means that while at work you can be more exposed for personal emails and security than when at home and a lot of advice provided in relation to email safety may not apply at all or in any way.

We recommend that you do not put too much personal information on your email, to us or anyone, one of the biggest risks for personal security is providing too much data in one place and essentially connecting the dots for someone to commit fraud against you.

  • Do not provide the telephone number that relates to Two Step Verification or Account Recovery with the email address you send from.
  • Do not provide your personal address, business address would be acceptable.

If you provide someone your name, email address, personal address and telephone number linked to two step verification in one go, you make it substantially easier to access your email accounts and, subsequently, any service you use.